Employee Spotlight – Jeffrey Laws

Jeffrey Laws has worked for Marion Machine for 8 years and counting

He is determined to encompass Marion Machine’s values each day. Jeffrey was originally hired as machinist and was given proper training to run our specific machines. Since coming on board with Marion Machine Jeffrey has advanced to second shift supervisor, and has taken additional classes when offered, such as leadership training.

Jeffrey said, “People are the best part of my job. “My biggest inspirations within the company are Ralph Mayo and Steve McHone.”

When asked what his experience with our company’s culture has been, Jeffrey said, “It has been a great experience for me so far, we all continue to grow and evolve, and I see myself working here in a more challenging role in the next 5 years, that requires more attention, time, and commitment.”

Jeffrey connects with commitment the most out of Marion Machine’s company values, because he is committed to putting his best foot forward always. Marion Machine is proud to have dedicated employees like Jeffrey that make our company better all around.

Our Metso HP 800 Mainframe had a loose shaft and we re-fit the shaft back to OEM specs with a 2-week-turnaround to get a 3.5-million-ton-plant back up and running.

Christopher Joyce Vulcan Materials of Winston-Salem, NC

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