Process Overview

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Every repair is unique and requires a careful individual assessment of the pieces we consider for repair. Even though there is no “standard” or “typical” job, we apply steps designed to assure the quality of your repair and get your crusher back to production in a timely fashion. Below is an overview of the repair process:   


  • Equipment Inspection (In-house or in the field)
    • Field-service Tech
  • Thermal Stress Relief Process
    • Heat applied in furnace to reveal fractures
  • Stress Fracture Evaluation
    • Apply dye to indicate extent of fractures
  • Fracture Removal
    • Air-arc used to melt away the fractures material
    • Material is excavated to a depth past the fracture
  • Second Stress Fracture Evaluation
    • Dye is again applied to determine if the crack is excavated
  • Reheat
    • Heat is applied again in the furnace
  • Weld
    • The part is transferred to an appropriate welding station and material is filled in
    • Heat is maintained for quality weld
  • Machining: Rough Cut
    • Depending on the repair needed, we use CNC Machines, Lathes and Vertical/Horizontal Mills to do a rough cut
  • Visual Inspection follows the rough cut
    • We check the welds and inspect for fractures
  • Machining: Final Cut
    • We carefully machine, mill, and cut the surfaces to OEM specifications
    • We ensure precision with frequent micrometer inspections
    • Machining and measuring continue until the part conforms to OEM specifications
  • Final Oven Stress Relief
    • The repaired part is returned to the furnace to relieve any stresses between the original part and the new material added in the repair
  • Final Quality Control Inspection
    • Micrometer measurement
    • Bore alignment checks
    • Visual
    • Test run complete machine, if applicable
    • Documentation of the repair
  • Protect the part from corrosion by applying an appropriate coating
  • Delivery to client

Our Metso HP 800 Mainframe had a loose shaft and we re-fit the shaft back to OEM specs with a 2-week-turnaround to get a 3.5-million-ton-plant back up and running.

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