We Don’t Just Do Big Projects

Marion Machine is known for our ability to handle large jobs for large equipment!

Did you know we also handle many smaller jobs?   Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to complete these smaller jobs quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively for our customers.  This month, our machine shop has been busy completing several smaller jobs for our customers.  Here’s a run-down of just a few small-scale projects we’ve been working on this month:

Seat and Thread repair is commonly needed on cone crushers due to thread galling which happens during hydraulic adjustment of the crusher.

To complete the seat and thread repair, we first take off the old threads, and then weld up the thread profiles until solid.  We then stress relieve it before turning the part in a lathe and drilling and tapping new bolt holes.  Good as new!  This 7 ft Symons socket and HP500 bowl are just a few examples.

This HP200 Head had been worn down over time, so we worked to weld up the bushing bores and pad in a process like the seat and thread repair mentioned above to get this head in optimal operating  condition!

Next up, we have a GP300 counterbox assembly.

For this repair, we first removed the pinion shaft assembly, and removed the pinion so we could true up the pinion shaft.  While this was happening, another team member worked on welding up the outer flanges of the counterbox housing which were then turned down in the lathe.  Finally, we reassembled the assembly with the replaced seals and sent it on it’s way!

This job was a unique one

For the 30×54 bearing housings, we welded bores on the housings and re-machined the bores in line with each other. Typically, as the jaw crusher gets used over time, roller bearings along the pitman shaft deteriorate, causing the crusher to lock up which causes force and stress within the bearing housing. This action makes the bearing housing go out of round and not fit correctly. Since thin material tends to warp when it is welded, however Marion Machine used a special welding process that allowed this delicate process to work like a charm!

For jobs big and small, you can count on Marion Machine to consistently deliver the expertise and excellent repair services you’re looking for! Find out how we can fix your worn or damaged equipment and check out our full list of machining capabilities by visiting our capabilities page or call us today at 1-800-627-1639.

Our Metso HP 800 Mainframe had a loose shaft and we re-fit the shaft back to OEM specs with a 2-week-turnaround to get a 3.5-million-ton-plant back up and running.

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