Process Engineer

Process Engineer Duties and Responsibilities:

Research, design, and develop processes to optimize productivity and workflow

Project Management:

Oversee operations and maintenance of facility processes

Job Planning:

Determine the organization and setup of operations

PM’s for Equipment:

Create and develop new procedures and processes

Collect data for analysis to uncover areas for improvements and innovation

Analyze, evaluate, and test new and existing processes

Oversee implementation of new processes and procedures

IFS hands on training:

Utilize ERP system

Business Measure Development:

Business measures for maximum effect

Inventory Control/POU:

Examine processes and suggest improvements

Investigate and troubleshoot any problems that arise with processes, procedures, and operations

Safety/OSHA Monthly Checks:

Contribute to development of health and safety standards

Shop Safety:

Write reports to document all process changes

Clearly communicate ideas and findings to management and colleagues

Assist teams in carrying out implementation of procedures you design

Emotional Intelligence:

Persuade others–clients or executives–to implement the process modifications and new approaches you desire

Weld Best Practices:

Develop best practices, routines, and innovative solutions to improve production rates and quality of output

Machining Best Practices:

Provide process documentation and operating instructions

Quotation and Work Order Process

Process Engineer Requirements and Qualifications: 

BS degree in Engineering

Proven work experience in process engineering

Excellent technical skills

Knowledge of process related standards

Strong interpersonal skills

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Ability to work well independently and with a team

Proficiency with computer and information technology

Thorough understand of scientific and mathematical principles

Specialized industry-specific training strongly preferred

Analytical thinker wither interpersonal skills



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